Relieve Your Pain

Get back to your life with wholistic massage therapy.
  • Feel better
  • Move better
  • Live better

You Don’t Have to Live With Chronic Pain

Whether you’re living with pain from an injury, illness, stress, or more, massage therapy can help. With training in proven therapeutic techniques, we’ll work with your body to help it feel stronger, more mobile, and pain-free.

“Our bodies are so powerful and crave healing which happens when the body, mind and spirit are flowing in sync.”
Dawn Ramsden
Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Move better. Feel better. Sleep better.

Leave Better Than You Arrived

We listen to your body so you can enjoy life pain-free.

Wholistic Approach
Your body has incredible potential to heal itself. With the right techniques and tools you can see improvement in your overall wellness.
Healing Treatments
Our therapists have advanced training and certifications in specialties like hot stone, gua sha, kinesiology taping, massage cupping, and more.
Proven Results
With more than 20 years experience, we’ve helped thousands of people find relief from pain and live their fullest lives.

Stop Hurting. Start Living.

We’re here to help you get the strength and wellness you need to live a life free of pain.


Here’s how:

1: Get to know you

Each visit starts with a check-in where we listen to your needs and set your expectations for your treatment.

2: Relax and feel comfortable

Our simplified pricing means that we can adjust our treatment to meet your body’s needs without breaking your budget.

3: Get moving again

You’ll feel better from the moment you get off the table and can look forward to improved mobility and performance.
“Dawn took care of us post car accident and it was crucial to us getting better. She utilized a wide variety of techniques that I have never experienced before, and they help your muscles to release without all of the digging and pain. She is amazing!!”



The Relief You Need

Chronic pain and injuries have a deep impact on every area of your life. At Wholistic Healing Experiences, we understand that you need your body to heal so you can enjoy a pain-free and active life.
That’s why our massage incorporates a wholistic approach with techniques backed by decades of proven results. Our therapists receive advanced training and certifications in these specialties, so you can feel relief from pain fast. 
We’re here to give you the relief you need so you can stop hurting and rest easy knowing you’ll have the strength and wellness to move better, feel better, and live better.
“I just underwent bunion surgery and I couldn’t believe how much relief I felt after leaving Dawn. She does more than massage. She incorporated patches, oils, and even psychological techniques. I was able to wiggle my toes for the first time since surgery! She deserves more than five stars!”
“Dawn has been the only professional able to heal my shoulder pain!”

Custom Approach