How massage therapy increases workplace productivity

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Wholistic Healing Experiences massage therapist Dawn Ramsden performing massage techniques on patient’s neck.

2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) reported that over 11% of adults in America suffer from chronic pain, pain experienced every day for three or more months.  Over 17% of Americans suffer from severe levels of pain.  As a result, patients seeking massage therapy to manage their pain has been rapidly growing in the last couple of decades.  Even with the rise in popularity and accessibility, massage has been used for centuries and is one of the earliest methods of documented pain management.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, (NIH), massage therapy can reduce:

*  Low back pain

* Headaches

* Neck and shoulder pain

                                                           * Osteoarthritis in knee joint

Pain is one of the most cited reasons  Americans are turning to massage to help manage their symptoms and discomfort.  People suffering from severe pain tend to have worse health statistics than those suffering from milk levels of pain.  They are more likely to utilize more health care and suffer from more disabilities, increasing costs of healthcare, healthcare services, and pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of investing in massage therapy in the workplace

Have you ever heard of “death by desk?”  The average workforce spends multiple hours a day sitting stationary at a computer or desk, causing tightening in the hips, lower back pain, joint pain, and even migraines.  Chronic pain reduces concentration and at it’s worse, forces employees to take multiple sick days a year.  Imagine having multiple employees that leave work early or call out sick due to migraines from the computer lighting or pain in the wrists and arms from typing.  These missed hours have a direct impact on workplace productivity and affects a business’ growth.  But what if your employees can’t take time away from work for a massage?

When you’re too busy to get away from work to take care of yourself, we bring massage therapists to you.  

In the above video, I discuss how we can partner together for the benefits of your company’s productivity and creativity levels.  Please reach out today to discuss how I can best help you and your team manage workplace pain and discomfort and help you feel better, work more more efficiently, and take charge of your life once again!